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Zhonglian Harvest "Xinjiang-8": Low Investment, High Return, Great Value


Zhonglian Harvest "Xinjiang-8": Low Investment, High Return, Great Value 

The "Zhonglian Harvest" 4LZ-8B1 (Xinjiang-8) is a self-propelled wheel-typed grain combine harvester produced by Zhonglian Harvest in 2019. It is characterised by its tangential flow and horizontal axial flow drum, threshing and separation technology, strong threshing capacity and steplessly adjustable speed, as well as its high level automatic hydraulic grain unloading cylinder, which is suitable for all kinds of grain transport vehicles, unloading grain quickly and effortlessly.


Just walked into the home of Sun Xiusheng, a "shiny" Zhonglian Harvest grain combine harvester caught my attention. This year is the fifth year since I bought this harvester. Sun treats his car, can be described as "love the car as life". Every year, he takes care of it early in the wheat harvest season to lay the foundation for the next "harvesting battle".

"The Xinjiang-8, with a suitable width of the cutting header, can directly harvest two monopolies of wheat fields in one time, which is effortless and time-saving, and the income from one harvesting season is considerable and the return is also high. The reason why I didn't choose other brands and chose this Xinjiang-8 harvester from Zhonglian Harvest is because of its high performance, not only the price is affordable but also the quality of the product is more guaranteed among similar brands.

After one wheat harvesting season, I've noticed that Xinjiang-8 feeds quantity slightly more than other similar brands when it worked in the field. The overall operating speed can be increased considerably and there is also a double-step sieve for cleaner harvested grain. As I have been driving the harvester for a long time, I have high expectations of the combine harvester. The Xinjiang-8, with its front-mounted hydraulic joystick, feels a little better in the hand. In addition, the cab windscreen is equipped with a dust removal device to clean the attached soil in time, the front windscreen is particularly clean and does not block the view, and the cab is also equipped with a radiator shield so that even if work in the field for a long time, it will not get heatstroke." Sun introduced.


Talking about the future development, Sun seems to be well prepared "This is my fifth year of driving the harvester from Zhonglian Harvest, the wheat harvest season is coming soon, I plan to prepare Xinjiang-8, this "five-year veteran" should also be retired. I heard that this year's Xinjiang-9 (G4 version) of Zhonglian Harvest has been launched, I plan to buy two new Xinjiang-9 to drive for new season.