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Tai'an Lu Xinchun:0.8 hectares per hour Zhonglian makes me rich


Dongping County, Tai 'an City, Shandong Province, has a unique geographical location and climatic conditions, which is very suitable for planting economic plants such as peanut, especially Pengji Street is located in the south bank of the Daqing River, flat terrain, loose soil, the output of peanut seeds is full. The peanut planting area of Pengji Street has been stable at more than 2 thousand hectares all year round. There are more than 60 large peanut famers and nearly 10 thousand people directly engaged in the field. It has become the famous "peanut Town". Local people rely on peanut planting to increase production and income. Lu Xinchun, from Hemu Zhuang village in Dongping County, is one of them. He is not only grows his own peanut, but also bought a Zhonglian Harvest peanut picking combine harvester to help local farmers harvest peanut during season.


  Lv Xinchun has been working in agricultural service for 22 years since 2000. He is an old harvester operator. In 2019, he bought a Zhonglian Harvest 2019 4HZJ-2500 self-propelled peanut combine harvster on the recommendation of his friends, mainly helping local farmers to harvest peanut. "Zhonglian Harvest peanut combine harvester one-hour operation speed can reach 0.8 hectares or so, after bought the peanut harvester over the years, I worked 200 hectaresexcept for the subsidy, the investment basically back." Master Lu said to us with a smile.

  "After tasting the sweetness of buying Zhonglian Harvest peanut combine harvester, when the 2021 peanut harvest season is approaching, I got another Zhonglian Harvest peanut combine harvester because I learned from the dealer that the performance of the new model of peanut combine harvester has been improved a lot, the picking header, the main clutch, the bridge drive shaft, the grass fan, the engine, the water tank, and other details are also optimized. Operation efficiency is higher, and the new harvester has a warranty, so our customers using without worried. After two seasons of operation, according to the feedback of farmers we served, Zhonglian peanut harvestehahigh efficiency of vitality operation, clean harvest, low broken fruit rate, and stable overall product performance. So I want to buy another Zhonglian Harvest peanut combine harvester, two harvesters working together more efficiently." "Master Lu said.


  Asked about the future, Lu seems to have it all figured out. "In recent years, due to the impact of the epidemic environment, different industries have been affected to some extent, but for me, it is better, thanks to the great performance of Zhonglian Harvest peanut combine harvester. Although I cannot go out to work, the farmers around my home have come to work for me, which has increased my income to some extent and made up for the shortcomings caused by the epidemic. In recent years, we have been vigorously supporting peanut planting, and our local peanut planting area has also increased, which will require more harvesters to harvest the peanut in the future. This year, I just set up a team, and the harvest season is coming soon. I plan to purchase another two 2023 4HJL-3(G4) peanut combine harvester, and then the team will work together, with one-by-one peanut combine harvester working in the field. It's definitely good, not to mention about income."

  Mention about peanut harvester, I believe everyone will choose Zhonglian Harvest, in recent years Zhonglian Harvest peanut harvester with its high rate of return, and great recomodation among users, so Zhonglian Harvest Peanut Combine Harvester products market share is very high, a lot of agricultural mechanic like Lv Xinchun, got good returns, there are more and more users support and recognition about Zhonglian Harvest. With excellent product quality and good service experience, Zhonglian Harvest has occupied a leading position in the peanut harvester market for many years, and its peanut combine harvester has become a phenomenon product in the field of peanut harvesting.