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Song Wei: Operating Zhonglian Peanut Harvester is much better.


Song Wei is a villager in Gegang Village, Lutan Township, Fugou County, Zhoukou City, Henan Province. Before 2019, he likes most the young rural laborers, worked in the city for most of the year, and was separated from his family for a long time, which was both hard and sad. "I used to work in the city all the time. There were old people and children in the family, so I had to rely on my wife to take care of me. Every time I went home, the children didn't know me, and they were even a little afraid of me. That kind of feeling was really uncomfortable. "


It wasn't until 2019 that Song Wei's life changed significantly after purchasing a Zhonglian Harvest peanut picking machine, which stemmed from a small chat he had with a friend in 2018. "During the Chinese New Year in 18 years, I went to a friend's house to play and mentioned the sadness of going out to work. My friend suggested that I buy a peanut machine from Zhonglian because one of his friends bought a peanut harvester from Zhonglian. I only worked for more than 1 month in 2019, and I made hundreds of thousands of dollars. I spent the rest of the time farming at home and living a very comfortable life. After listening to it, I was very moved, so I thought of buying one too. try it."

After making up his mind, Song Wei communicated with his family, and his family was very supportive of his idea. So in 2019, Song Wei directly mentioned a Zhonglian Harvest peanut picking and harvesting machine. "I have never raised a harvester before, and I don't know how to maintain it. Fortunately, the after-sales service of Zhonglian Harvest is very good, and they explained the operation skills and maintenance knowledge of this peanut machine to me in great detail. Although I also hired an I'm a professional operator, I occasionally turn it on when I'm doing homework, and the operation is quite simple, and a novice can operate it after a few days of practice."


In addition to being relatively simple in operation, Song Wei is also very satisfied with the harvesting efficiency and quality reliability of the Zhonglian Peanut Picking and Harvesting Machine. "In the 2019 peanut harvest season, because it was the first year to buy this machine, out of caution, I didn't do much work. After about half a month, I collected hundreds of acres of peanuts and more than 100 peanut seedlings. ton, and finally sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, the income is indeed very considerable. Moreover, the quality of this peanut machine is very reliable. I have heard that the harvester is particularly fond of it, but this Zhonglian peanut harvester has not been produced after a working season. What's wrong, even the operator I hired said the quality was really good."

With the experience in 2019, the Zhonglian Harvest peanut picking and harvesting machine operated by Song Wei has made a significant breakthrough in the peanut harvesting season in 2020. The peanut harvesting area and efficiency have increased by a large amount year on year, which makes him very happy. To this end, Song Wei decided to roll up his sleeves and work hard. In 2021, he purchased two more latest peanut picking and harvesting machines from Zhonglian. "Last year, when I decided to buy two more Zhonglian peanut harvesters, I was afraid that my family would not agree. After all, it would cost a lot of money to lift two cars. I didn't expect my family to support me, because they also saw it. To the profitability of Zhonglian peanut harvesting machine."


Although Henan Province suffered a once-in-a-century flood disaster in 2021, which had a major impact on the peanut harvest, Song Wei felt that it was a natural disaster after all. "Although it was affected by the flood last year, it was very difficult to harvest peanuts. But last year, my three Zhonglian peanut harvesting machines still averaged 600 to 700 acres each, and the overall income was actually good. If there was no flood, I think I would Last year, at least 3,000 mu of peanuts could be collected, and the income will be very considerable.

As the saying goes, what can't beat me will make me stronger. After experiencing the flood last year, Song Wei not only did not lose confidence in the peanut harvesting business but began to prepare for the cross-regional peanut harvesting operation in 2022. "After all, I have three Peanut Harvesters from Zhonglian now, but working around the village can't bring out their greatest value. So I think about doing some cross-regional work this year, and try to do cross-regional work. I think this year as long as there is nothing special In this case, the income of my three Zhonglian peanut harvesting machines will definitely be very impressive!"

In the past ten years, the problem of left-behind children and left-behind elderly people in rural areas caused by the process of domestic urbanization has become more and more serious. The main contradiction is that the income of farmers is still very low, and many young and strong laborers can only go to big cities to work and subsidize their families. . In recent years, with the advent of Zhonglian peanut picking and harvesting machine, with its reliable quality and considerable income, not only many users have gained considerable income, but also many young and strong laborers who work in cities can return to the village. Development, have more time to accompany family members. It can be seen that the Zhonglian peanut picking and harvesting machine has also provided great help to the rural development problems in many areas.