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Driving Zhonglian Harvest Peanut Harvester makes money easy!


   In the consciousness of some people, as a farmer, it is no longer profitable to farm, and many people choose to go out to work. However, Hou Rongxiao, from Dengzhou City, Henan Province, chose to stay in his hometown and become an agricultural machine operator. Agricultural machinery provides agricultural machinery services for the local people. Especially in recent years, raising peanut harvesters can easily earn an annual income of 24000 USD, which is much better than going out to work.

    Hou Rongxiao, who is in his 50s this year, usually farms about 3.4 hectares of land at home and then raises some small agricultural machinery. So far, it has been five or six years. In 2020, under the recommendation of a friend, Hou Rongxiao purchased a Zhonglian Harvest 2020 4HZJ-2500A self-propelled peanut picking and harvesting machine from Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvest Machinery Co., Ltd., which doubled his income and quickly improved his and his family's income. Quality of Life.


    "In recent years, Dengzhou City has a lot of peanut planting area, and it is basically harvested by machines. In 2020, a friend of mine who was a machine operator told me that it is not possible to make much money by raising these small agricultural machines. It is very profitable to raise peanut harvesting machines. He and many of his colleagues have bought them, and almost all of them are from Zhonglian Harvest Company, so I bought one, and after one year, the machine will basically pay back."Hou Rongxiao Speaking of.

    According to Hou Rongxiao's statistics, after purchasing the Zhonglian Harvest Peanut Harvesting Machine in 2020, it will only provide harvesting services in the local area. More than 1,000 acres of land have been harvested throughout the operation season. The average operating fee per hectare of land is about 225USD. In this case, the money for the purchase of the machine will be paid back in the same year.

    In 2021, Hou Rongxiao drove this Zhonglian Harvest peanut harvester to work on more than 1,000 acres of land. "In 2021, there will be heavy rains in our local area, which will have a certain impact on the harvest of peanuts. Due to the wet ground, the harvest will be a little slower, but in the end, more than 67 hectares of land will be harvested. With the operation fee plus the income from harvesting grass, The annual income is at least 24000 USD. Farmers dont have to travel far in the local area, and I can earn 24000 USD a year after being busy. Im already satisfied, and the  Zhonglian Harvest peanut harvester has improved my quality of life a lot."Hou Rongxiao Speaking of.

    In addition to making money quickly, Hou Rongxiao is also full of praise for the performance of the Zhonglian Harvest peanut harvester. He said: "The Zhonglian Harvest peanut harvester has high working efficiency, strong adaptability, fast harvesting speed, and low peanut breakage rate. In the past two years, there have been almost no major problems. Usually, the work is collected very cleanly and very quickly. Some people even call for the operator of the peanut harvester of Zhonglian Harvest to do the service. In addition, even in 2021, in In wetland operation,  Zhonglian Harvest peanut harvester still has stable performance and excellent performance. After-sales, there is nothing to say. During the annual operation season, Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvest will send people to stations in the local area to provide services anytime and anywhere. After the operation season, special arrangements will be made. People come to do maintenance on the machine, which can be said to be a nanny-level service."


    From the conversation, it can be seen that Hou Rongxiao seems to be very satisfied with his current income and life, but who would think too much money? Last year, Hou Rongxiao actually planned to buy another peanut harvester in 2022, leaving him and his son alone. One, let my son stay in the local area, not only can accompany the family, but also make money with peace of mind. "This year, if conditions permit, we plan to collect local peanuts, and then go to other places to cross districts. Two vehicles will work locally and across districts. It is expected to collect at least 267 hectares of land, and the income will be very high." Hou Rongxiao said this year's earnings are hopeful.

    In recent years, the country has been vigorously supporting the planting of oil crops, and the peanut planting area is also increasing every year, and the demand for peanut harvesting machines is very strong. With its reliable quality, high harvesting efficiency, and considerate service, Zhonglian Harvest peanut harvesting machines have spread all over the country in the main peanut planting areas in recent years, and have a very high market share. It not only contributed to the mechanized harvest of peanuts in my country but also brought stable and high income to ordinary farmers like Hou Rongxiao.